Valentines Day is Upon Us!

When given the opportunity to dress for a holiday it shouldn’t be a question of “if” but rather “how will I ever choose!?” Hallmark created or not, crazy in love or Facebook stalking, Valentines day is the ne plus ultra for sartorial self expression. This is EXACTLY what I mean when I say that fashion is life enhancing. Why not wear a garden of eden inspired floral MSGM sweatshirt with a serpent bracelet on this silly day?

valentines day

















Zoe Karssen “Easy Come Easy Go” tee $74

River Island knitted heart pencil skirt $70

Vince “Sawyer” ankle flat $150

Prada sequin lips pochette $2185

Pamela Love serpent bracelet $435

Finn Jewelry Ox Blood Rose and Twig studs $685

Play Comme Des Garcons Sweater $390

MSGM rose print sweatshirt $350

Kate Spade “Kiss Me You Fool” beaded clutch $198

Dolce & Gabbana rose print brocade top $877 



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