Thank You Universe for Making Pull-On Pants Become a Thing. And for the Bounty of Awesome Tee Shirts.

As many of you know I’ve made it my purpose in life to spread the gospel of elastic waist pants. They are a revelation people! Finding pants where the waist and hips AND thighs are a perfect match for your one in a million body (with a price that matches your budget) could drive one mad. “Pull on” style pants are amazing for their ease of fit and they could not be more comfortable. That being said, I will never stop loving denim-I love the endless types of washes and rinses, I love how forgiving some types of denim can be, I love how a pair of cuffed slim cut jeans look with a chunky sweater and slip ons. However sometimes all (but one pair) of my jeans make my thighs itch, dig into my not flat anymore tummy AND give me a wedgie. On those days I literally cannot get them off fast enough once I’ve come home. Back when I gave a fuck about looking skinny I wore tight jeans all the time. They say as you get older and busier you just have fewer fucks to give and I couldn’t agree more. I’ve embraced elastic waist pants and I look cute doing it. Every woman I see out and about rocking her joggers, pull ons, whatever you want to call them, looks good. She looks confidant and happy. Probably because she doesn’t have a waist band digging into her stomach. This collage features only a fraction of what is available right now in this life enhancing, comfort bringing, the-universe-has-granted-my-sartorial-wish style department….

Imagine A World

















Bags: Kate Spade coated canvas tote $85, Gucci olive nylon tote $235, Zara zebra mini messenger $69.90

Outfit #1: Zara white tee $19.90, Vince Coastal knit cuff jogger $295, Manebi slub canvas espadrille $165

Outfit #2: Aritza Azure Skies Porter Huckleberry tee $30, Humanoid Dolphin Diamond Brick Pink trousers $145.94, Club Monaco Ava flannel sandal $298

Outfit #3: Chinti and Parker Liberty pocket Navy tee $125, J. Crew drapey chino Honey Brown pant $88, Lanvin slip on grey skater sneaker $595

Jewels: Alexis Bittar Golden Ice Marquis Pavé marquis ring in 18k Gold $1195, Banana Republic Personal Edge earring $40, Boden Bright bead Navy necklace $58



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