Personal Styling & Shopping


My philosophy on dressing is that you must wear clothes that fit properly, suit your lifestyle and age, and above all be chic, tasteful and comfortable. Whether you are walking the red carpet or hitting the grocery store, when you have on a good outfit, you feel like a million bucks!

Some of us are overwhelmed by our closets. Some are underwhelmed. Whether you are too busy to shop but know exactly what you need, or you have a packed closet but believe you have nothing to wear, or if you straight up don’t know how or where to shop, if you are reading these words your curiosity has brought you to the right place!

Personal styling/shopping usually begins with an assessment of what you have. This involves me going through all your stuff and based on what fits and suits your life now we can determine what stays and what goes. Through this process we’ll discover what you really need. You may own lots of gorgeous clothing and I can show you how to put it all together to meet your needs. I can guide you on what may still be needed to fill in any wardrobe gaps after assessing what you have. Some clients just need a fresh look for a new job or a new chapter in life…any and all wardrobe situations can be taken care of!

I can either shop for you and bring the goodies to your home or office or we can shop together. I’m happy to shop at whatever level suits your budget-consignment shops, TJ Maxx, J, Crew, Barneys, indie boutiques. You get the picture!

MOST closet clean out sessions take about 4-6 hours. Obviously the time required is determined by how much I need to go though, 4-6 hours is an estimate based on my experience with average to large amounts of stuff. Massive amounts of clothing will require more time. If this is you, do not be discouraged! I can handle (and totally understand) these overflowing wardrobe situations. Please contact me for rates.

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