Part I: Goodbye, boring black wool coat! Get inspired by beautiful, expensive, statement outerwear.

My Gammy is shaking her finger at me from that other dimension of time and space where frugal Grandmothers dwell after they pass. There isn’t one coat featured here that falls remotely in a normal person’s price range. I have never and probably will never spend $300++ on a coat. Let’s be real for a […]

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Lighthearted and Internet Inspired

Social media obsession meets French subtlety. Awesome mashup from cult shoe brand Chatelles. Find them at the French Fling Pop-In Shop at Nordstrom. $275.      

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People, do yourself a favor and get out of the brown/black shoe rut.

Let’s be clear, I do love a black ballet flat for the simple beauty and wearability of it, but if you are looking for an easy Fall wardrobe update that requires little commitment and where numerous style and price options abound, consider a jewel tone or bold pattern shoe. A statement shoe doesn’t have to […]

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