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elastic waist cocktail

Elastic Waist Cocktail. It’s Going To Change Your Life.

Post baby number three I began to embrace “pull on” elastic waist pants. I was overjoyed (and still am-nothing has changed in terms of my non commitment to exercise) to find so many chic choices. I’ve recently decided to push this look further into the dress up section of my closet. Why not be comfortable? […]

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Spring Tee Shirt Round Up! How to replenish this wardrobe staple with style, flattery and comfort in mind…

Rid your closets of pilled, pulled, too tight, worn out, washed out and unflattering tee shirts NOW. Get yourself a few good ones that fit, flatter and wash and wear well. Hand wash in your sink and air dry people!  The washing machine is not really a friend to the omnipresent slub knits and modal […]

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It’s All In The Details: Ode To A Sweatshirt.

Why am I writing about a sweatshirt from of all places Lululemon? I don’t really love Lululemon because it’s everywhere. I also dislike logos-even tiny ones. However, I’m conflicted because I do like their emphasis on color, comfort and eye catching details and how they keep churning out new merch. Which brings me to my point: good […]

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