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retro swimwear

Swimwear You Can Live With. Part II.

The retro shapes of these suits will play up your curves, the prints are eye catching and the vibe is fun! Although I put these suits in a different group, after staring at them for the last week, I’m beginning to think they are just as kid friendly as the swimwear in Part I and […]

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active swimwear

Swimwear You Can Live With. Part I.

The theme here is active swimwear! Bathing suits for moms running after kids, or sporty types. (Or both!) Don’t want a boob or cheek to slip out? Don’t feel like showing off your tummy to strangers on the beach? Rejoice! There are so many options! Below, a few of my picks… Next Malibu zip one […]

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It’s All About That Drape

There are so many reasons why a forgiving top may be of interest to you right now. It’s a simple concept most of us can identify with-your tummy is no longer flat and or you just aren’t down with clingy tops. As I began writing this post I tried to itemize the reasons why but […]

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