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Shortcuts. For the lazy, uninspired or short on time.

Who doesn’t love a shortcut? It looks like you made an effort, were inspired or had time to actually think about your outfit when really you just threw it on. And yet – you look interesting and chic! Minimal effort with stylish results-Oh yes, a new dressing category has been born! We can always count […]

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Vintage inspired looks without the work. And the smell. (Said with love.)

No really, I mean it. My sentiments come from a place of love. Anyone who knows me well knows I love to shop for vintage home decor, art and furniture. And by “shop” I mean obsessively frequent any thrift store, yard sale, flea market and dumpster in a 20 mile radius of my home squandering […]

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#boho, #highandlow, #ecofashion, #richhippie

Modern Free Spirit

The only way I can do hippie (which is usually all I want to do) is 50/50. or 25/75. Like, skinny jeans with an earthy (how many more boho/hippie adjectives can one woman come up with at this time of night?) sweater and crystal pendant. It’s all about balanced proportions. Now can we talk about […]

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active wear

Black Active Wear May Be Slimming But You Know What Else Is? Wearing Interesting Clothes!

Clothing created for a specific purpose delights me – I love the challenge of styling a look within the specific apparel requirements an activity presents.  Am I agreeing to the endless skateboarding classes because I fancy skinny jeans and Vans not to mention the crossover possibility of snowboarding ensembles for my son? Am I devastated […]

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elastic waist cocktail

Elastic Waist Cocktail. It’s Going To Change Your Life.

Post baby number three I began to embrace “pull on” elastic waist pants. I was overjoyed (and still am-nothing has changed in terms of my non commitment to exercise) to find so many chic choices. I’ve recently decided to push this look further into the dress up section of my closet. Why not be comfortable? […]

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It’s All In The Details: Ode To A Sweatshirt.

Why am I writing about a sweatshirt from of all places Lululemon? I don’t really love Lululemon because it’s everywhere. I also dislike logos-even tiny ones. However, I’m conflicted because I do like their emphasis on color, comfort and eye catching details and how they keep churning out new merch. Which brings me to my point: good […]

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Cali+Ed Ruscha+80’s Nameplate Necklace?! I’m Down.

Just stumbled across this delightful 80’s nameplate necklace/70’s Ed Ruscha mashup on LACMA’s giftstore site. Designed by Jennifer Meyer Maguire, inspired by Ed Ruscha’s, Made in California, 1971, as part of LACMA’s Designed in California collection, these one-of-a-kind items are also sold at Net-A-Porter. (Where it has not surprisingly sold out.) Proceeds benefit the museum. The necklace […]

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Thanksgiving: comfortable and dressy

The Thanksgiving Outfit: Dress Up, Be Comfortable! Stay Sane.

As someone who loves clothes, I view every day as a happy opportunity to express my style and have fun with an outfit. An event or special occasion should be embraced with the same sartorial verve but even more so! Take it one step further and infuse your outfit with the aesthetics and vibe of the […]

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Part II: Goodbye Boring Black Wool Coat! Let Color,Texture And Details Be Your Guide To Chic And Interesting Outerwear.

As promised, I present to you an assortment of chic and interesting outerwear that is so much more statement making than the above mentioned Boring Black Wool number. And thankfully less stratospherically priced (and maybe even more wearable) then the inspirational coats highlighted in Part I. I love all the different silhouettes, subtle details and texture, […]

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